Meropi Ydraiou meets with American journalist to promote Corfu cuisine

CORFU. The American food journalist Irene Moore met with the Mayor at the Old Town Hall.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2019

The Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Mayor's office has issued a press release regarding the visit of the American food journalist Irene Moore.

"On Friday 13 September the Mayor of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Meropi Ydraiou met with the American journalist Irene Moore at the Old Town Hall.

Irene Moore specialises in gastronomy and luxury travel and collaborates with large media companies in the USA such as the Miami Herald, The SOMM Journal and the tourism portal

The purpose of the meeting was to explore possible collaboration with the Municipality and producers in Corfu in order to promote Corfu cuisine in the US market.

The Mayor stated her belief in the need to support and promote local producers and products and stressed that the new local authority aims to develop alternative forms of tourism and especially culinary tourism.

Ms. Ydraiou also talked about the importance of vocational training in tourism as a basic factor in the creation of added value for our tourism product and informed the journalist of the new Tourism Department at the Ionian University. This Department, in conjunction with Corfu College of Tourism, will play a key role in the improvement of the quality of service provided to visitors.

Also present at the meeting were the Municipal Councillors Panayiota Tzanne and Panayiotis Varouhas."