Cleansing Association announces that Municipal Recycling Platform will be online from 29 September

CORFU. How it will operate and what the benefits will be.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2019

Following the announcement from Corfu Chamber of Commerce regarding the new Municipal Recycling Platform, Corfu Solid Waste Management Association (SYDISA) has also issued the following statement:

"On 26 August SYDISA President Spyros Aspiotis signed the contract for "Provision of services, organisation of educational activities and raising public awareness through the development of an online recycling platform". The 12-month contract was signed with Followgreen Smart City Solutions I.K.E.

We welcome the participation of Corfu Chamber of Commerce in this innovative project as there are indeed many benefits for members of the public, businesses and, naturally, the environment. Those who access the online platform will be able to create an account as a resident / householder and collect bonus points for completing specific actions which can be used at participating local businesses with discount coupons. Environmental articles will be published on the platform and there will be a map with the Recycling Centres in the Central Corfu Municipality.

The project is part of SYDISA's wider plans in bona fide cooperation with the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands. Similar collaborations with the North and South Corfu Municipalities will follow shortly.

The platform will be online from 29 September."

Spyros Aspiotis
President - Corfu SYDISA