Citizens of Mediterranean Historical Cities now have a voice!

VENICE. The Board of the Civil Society Network of Historical Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean has begun its first term.

Μαΐου / 2019

The Network held its third meeting in Venice on 2 and 3 May and the first board was elected for the Civil Society Network of Historical Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean - Marco Gasparinetti from Venice - President, Petra Marcinko from Dubrovnik and Andreas Katsaros from Corfu - Vice Presidents, Daniella Mouyiannou from Paphos - Treasurer and Maria Gerakianaki from Crete - member. The first term will run for a year and the Executive Secretariat, according to the Statutes, will be permanently based in Corfu with Aliki Katsarou as secretary.

Carrying Capacity of tourist destinations

At the meeting in Venice an Action Plan was decided on for "Carrying Capacity of tourist destinations". The following common issues will be dealt with through shared dialogue and collaboration:

- Management Plans for Heritage Cities
- Direct communication with organisations such as UNESCO
- Management of cruise ship passengers - mainly in Venice and Dubrovnik
- Residency
- Collaboration between the Network and universities and other academic organisations to develop the sustainability of historical centres
- Communication between the Network and citizens and the development of citizen associations and societies.

Corfu San Giacomo Association expressed its satisfaction that a year after the first meeting of the members it is moving forward positively as a member of a network of organisations with common goals and problems.

The aim is to deal with issues that towns such as Venice are facing today (over-tourism) and to solve problems being faced by Corfu such as the implementation of the Management Plan for the Regulation of Urban Operation. "Above all we are trying to increase the voice of residents in decision-making bodies and are inviting all those who wish unselfishly to work towards the sustainability of Corfu Old Town to join us."