Rescue exercise at Corfu Airport

CORFU. There was a rescue exercise at Corfu Airport on Friday morning to test response to an aircraft crash.

Φεβρουαρίου / 2020

The exercise was conducted by Fraport and the Fire Service and is part of the company's programme of exercises that take place at all 4 airports at least once a year.

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The exercise scenario was that a plane had left the runway and passengers had to be rescued from Halikiopoulo Lagoon.

The airport runway is a strip of land in the lagoon and when planes are landing they usually pass over the island's iconic landmark Mouse Island.

Fraport Communications Director Yiannis Papazoglou told Enimerosi that it wasn't the first time that a practice exercise had taken place at the airport but this time new rescue equipment was tried out for the first time.

This equipment - rescue boats and special inflatable rescue walkways - is exactly what is needed in this type of accident.

Mr. Papazoglou said that the exercise was a complete success.

Photos: Vassilis Doukakis