Lefkimmi landfill: Temporary permission for one year for the waste bales to be taken there

CORFU. What the Solid Waste Management Organization (SYDISA) report says about a permanent licence being granted.

June / 2018

According to information, the amendment will be stamped and signed within the next two days, giving temporary permission for the area in Mesorahi, Lefkimmi to be used.

This is an amendment to the report regarding the conversion of the site from waste landfill to residue landfill. However, following the destruction of the facilities at Lefkimmi and due to the emergency situation, the site will function as a temporary storage area until it can function as a residue landfill.

As is stated in the report, the need to amend the Environmental Regulations came about due to the fact that the residue bales created from urban waste at the Intermediate Waste Management facility in central Corfu (Temploni) have piled up without the possibility of them being transported to a suitable licensed facility. The Lefkimmi facility cannot immediately be used as a residue landfill as specific work needs to be completed before it can start operating.

The report says that because "it is of prime importance to tackle the acute problem of waste management in Corfu in order to protect public health and the environment it is proposed that temporary permission be granted for one year to transport and store the residue bales from the Central Corfu facility to the South Corfu landfill."